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Brian Griffiths was born in Fforestfach in 1941,educated at Dynevor Grammar School and the London School of Economics.
He became Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach 1991.


An early morning drive around Fforestfach (no sound).

The reason for the recording was to capture a piece of history in May 2010.


A short film of demolition on Carmarthen Road and start of building Clos Madlen.

An important piece of Fforestfach history, where many families lost their homes during road widening in the early 1990s.



This looks like Mettoy judging by the design of the typewriter.

The Mynydd Newydd Drift was closed 1st July 1955 .
This film clip was released on 19th December 1955.

Mettoy Fforestfach


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